Golok machete

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Golok machete

A few years ago, I spent two months in the jungles of Peru. That experience gave me a new appreciation for all the uses of a survival machete.

Best machete for experienced users who want a tough, intimidating, and well-made tool. Check On Amazon. Best machete for those who want an affordable, entry-level blade for light tasks. By our rating this is one of the best machetes around, Ka-Bar has really delivered a gorgeous product. It is made from carbon steel with a black epoxy powder coating. The rubberized Kraton handle fits well in your hand. Just be warned that the Kraton can cause blisters, so wear gloves when doing heavy-duty tasks.

Check Prices on Amazon. The only mild complaint I can have about the Ka-bar Kukri is that its sheath is a bit awkward to carry. The Halfachance machete certainly makes a strong first impression. Designed by Ken Onion, the machete looks mean and imposing.

It is technically a parang-type machete, but has design elements of a Bowie.

golok machete

This makes it suitable for clearing light brush and some camp tasks like carving wood. The blade is made from 65MN carbon steel, which has a hardness in the mid 50s. This means it is a relatively low hardness machete.

golok machete

The downside is that it will need sharpening more often. However, the low-hardness means that sharpening is a lot easier. The softer steel also absorbs strikes better, meaning that the blade is less likely to shatter if you accidentally hit a rock or nail. As far as weight goes, the Halfachance is just The main downside of the Halfachance Parang is that it has finger grips. Unless your fingers fit the grips perfectly, your fingers can be in an uncomfortable, improper grip.

However, some people prefer finger grips as they reduce slippage. Note that the Amazon listing for this machete is a bit zconfusing. However the SOGfari delivers well on quality. The saw back has offset teeth like a hand saw.Forums New posts. What's new New posts New media New media comments New resources. Resources Latest reviews. Media New media New comments. Log in Register. What's new. New posts. Log in. Welcome to Life In The Wilderness You are currently viewing the site as a guest and some content may not be available to you.

A Look At The Best Machetes on the Market

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter lee Start date Jul 18, Messages 7, Points 1, Ive owned a Martindale british army issue Golok for many years now, I've posted about on the forum but never posted up a full review on it.

The martindale golok is a cross between a machete, parang and a kukri it was designed and made for issue to British armed forces.

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In my opinion it is the best machete, parang and kukri I've ever used that's because it's taken the best from all three of them, forget machetes, parangs and kukris get the martindale.

I'm not sure that they are still current British armed forces issue so they won't be around for sale for ever. There are copies out there so make sure the one you get is date stamped as the one below is, mine arrived very rough and needed the blade sharpened, some light surface rust removed and the handle wasn't finished to my liking so I sanded it and sealed it with yacht varnish, I also added a landyard.

Best Golok Machete to Find Online in 2019

I needed to chop some wood for kindling and fuel for my fire box, it was a mix of logs and milled timber, the martindale comes into its own for chopping and slitting wood by battoning my 2x2 batton gave way about half way in lol. I very rarely use a hand axe now as the martindale will do everything and more that a hand axe can do without the possibility of failure by way of the axe head coming loss and coming off!

Even after all the work the martingale done today it was still cutting paper afterwardos not through a whole page but still cutting never the less, however after a quick touch up with the metal rod and strop got it back to cutting cleanly through a whole page of paper hope you enjoy the review and pics.

Messages 1, Points 1, The crocodile was I think the martingale badge, there was some variation of blade length through production. The new new jungle machete looks completely different with a blade with a pronounced curve rather than the straight design of the original gollocks. Messages Points Age I went 'diffi' for one of the original Galok's in the 's, but I found the edge was to soft for normal knife use; but was perfect for hacking back vegetation when there are stones around as the blade just 'dings', but doesn't splinter off.

Indeed I found the easiest way to sharpen it was to use a file as time with a 'stone was wasted after you used it for a few minutes, it needed touching up.

Tier 4 Donor. Messages 15, Points 1, Age Good bits of kit Well let's face it LeeWar Golok — Sometimes spelled — Gulok in the Philippines. The only sword that ever existed in the Philippines that does not have a pointy tip. The reason for the lack of a point on this blade was during the Spanish occupation in the Philippines, they the Spanish had a hard time contending with the tactical slashing and thrusting fighting methods of skilled rebel sword fighters, so the Spanish broke the tips off their swords, then a law was formed that all machetes had to be made with no tip.

This was more in the Luzon area of the Philippines where the Spanish occupation was more prevalent. The Golok is needed for jungle survival so their swords could not be just taken away.

It can also be used for butchering meat, peeling and slicing fruits, and many more uses.

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Moro Blades - Southern Philippines. Pira Cotabato. Panay Tenegre. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? War Golok quantity. Description Blade Length: Related products. Moro Blades - Southern Philippines Bangkon. Add to cart. Moro Blades - Southern Philippines Susuwat.

Moro Blades - Southern Philippines Laring. Moro Blades - Southern Philippines Barong. Read more. Visayan Blades Panay Tenegre. Moro Blades - Southern Philippines Binakuko. Moro Blades - Southern Philippines Lahot. Search for:. No products in the cart.That day has finally arrived, and I have in my greasy little mitts a true monster of a wood basher. Not at all uncomfortable, just a little surprising at first contact so I know they got that part right.

This beast is a full quarter inch at the ricasso and tapers to an eighth inch at tip before it terminates at the primary bevel. Gerber claims that this is the thickest blade in their machete line, and I have no reason to doubt that claim whatsoever. The sheath is stitched and riveted nylon with what I assume is a plastic insert. Gerber mentions three methods of carry with twin D loops, molle compatible straps, and a belt loop. If you know me then you know I love big chopper blades, and this blade has the potential to fit right into my collection of working tools.

Will it stand up or fall short? That remains to be seen but I am more than willing to put it through the paces for better or for worse.

Best Golok Machete of 2020

You better pack a lunch Golok, because your ass is about to get worked. Subscribe to our newsletter here. Do it. A lternate: Join us on Facebook here or check us out on Instagram here. There he was the primary instructor for the survival and.

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This was the start of a long and improbable badass tale. Dave the Norseman has 14 posts and counting. See all posts by Dave the Norseman. The Gerber looks good, I am a huge fan of this design.

If you like that golok design, give the warlock a try some time, you wont be disapoined. Your email address will not be published. This iframe contains the logic required to handle Ajax powered Gravity Forms. Reports and Reviews. Share This Post:. You May Also Like. Review: Propper TAC. Reply Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Subscribe to our Newsletter. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.Machetes are versatile chopping and cutting tools that have been used for centuries as effective bush and plant clearing implements, as well as brutal weapons in combat.

There is no single origin story for the machete, given the many diverse varieties they come in around the world. Furthermore, even within a specific type of machete, there are many variations in terms of their construction, features and applications — this can make it tough to single out the best machete for personal use, even for someone with considerable experience in knives and swords.

What is a machete — is it a really large knife, or a really small sword? This question, often asked by those who see this tool for the first time, has no concrete answer. However, most machetes tread a middle ground between these extreme lengths, hence their unique designation.

In this regard, a machete resembles a hatchet a small ax!

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Suffice to say, a machete is a unique tool in its own right, and does not need to be called a sword or a knife to complete its identity. Sure, a hatchet will allow you to deliver more powerful strokes, but it will also get you tired a lot quicker.

golok machete

Machetes have a long history of combat use — their blade strength and thickness is designed to chop through tough materials — which can and have included human and animal flesh and bone. Some even have pointed tips for piercing and stabbing!

Perhaps the most famous application of the machete in combat is that of the kukri in Nepal, by Gurkha troops. This powerhouse of a machete has a forward weighted blade profile, making it ideal for chopping up dense, tough vegetation. It bears a rather flat edge and blunt tip, since it is meant for chopping, as opposed to a curve that is suitable for slicing. It resembles an ax in its functionality. A popular South East Asian tool known for its enhanced thickness, which gives it better chopping power.

It is relatively compact in design, and ideal for cutting and chopping applications. Bearing a standard straight-backed blade, this general purpose machete has an evenly distributed weight, and is quite stout. It is portable, and its design lets it be easily carried around in a sheath. It is also sometimes called a Latin machete.

golok machete

It is a customary weapon of the Philippine people, and gained a fearsome reputation among the European settlers it was used against. Besides being a great utility blade, it is employed in various Philippine martial arts. A renowned blade from the Caribbean and Africa, it has a deep, curved belly that gives it ample heft for chopping as well as curvature for slicing. It ends in an upturned, pointed tip that makes it a good piercer too.

Bark River Golok 3V

This machete has a unique weighted, backwards going tip; a flat cutting edge for normal usage; and a front-weighted edge for chopping. It is popular in African regions. This machete is unique in that both its edges are sharpened, making it ideal for clearing large expanses of plant growth with both forehand and backhand swings. The weighted back edge enhances the power of the back stroke.One should always remember that a machete, no matter how pleasing on the eye it may be, is only as good as the job it is designed to do, and the Golok does a pretty decent job when compared to most other machetes!

The weight and length of this machete makes it ideal for both chopping and clearing light vegetation or long grass. The blade itself is a quarter of an inch thick at the handle tapering down to a tenth of an inch at the tip and, as with all Condor blades, leaves the factory with a razor sharp edge.

The handleas previously mentioned, is made from walnut and fits perfectly in your hand with the bulbous knob on the end of the handle, that incidentally also houses a brass lined lanyard hole, acting as a stop, preventing the machete from slipping through your grip, all-in-all a great looking machete handle. If you would like to buy the Condor Golok Machete at the best price, or would like to read some trusted customer reviews about this machete just click the button below. Skip to content.

Why Choose the Condor Golok Machete? Handle The handleas previously mentioned, is made from walnut and fits perfectly in your hand with the bulbous knob on the end of the handle, that incidentally also houses a brass lined lanyard hole, acting as a stop, preventing the machete from slipping through your grip, all-in-all a great looking machete handle.

How to Care for and Maintain a Machete.A golok is a cutting tool, similar to a machetethat comes in many variations and is found throughout the Indonesian archipelago. The word golok sometimes misspelled in English as "gollock" is of Indonesian origin, but is also used in Malaysia and spelled gulok in the Philippines. Both in Malaysia and in Indonesia, the term is usually interchangeable with the longer and broader parang.

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Sizes and weights vary, as does blade shape, but the typical length is 25 to 50 centimeters. Golok tend to be heavier and shorter than parang or common machetes, often being used for bush and branch cutting.

The blade is heaviest in the centre and flows away in a curve to a sharp point at the tip. Golok are traditionally made with a springy carbon steel blade of a softer temper than that of other large knives.

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This makes them easier to dress and sharpen in the field, although it also requires more frequent attention. Although many manufacturers produce factory-made golok, there are still handmade productions that are widely and actively made in Indonesia. In Indonesia, the golok is often associated with the Betawi and neighboring Sundanese people. The Betawi recognize two types of golok; gablongan or bendo is the domestic tool used in the kitchen or field for agricultural purposes, and the golok simpenan or sorenam that is used for self-protection and traditionally always carried by Betawi men.

The golok is a symbol of masculinity and bravery in Betawi culture. A jawara local strongman or village champion will always have a golok hung or tied around the waist at the hips.

This custom, however, has ceased to exist since the s, when authorities would apprehend those that carry the golok publicly and have it confiscated it in order to uphold security, law and order, and to reduce gang fighting. Sundanese, Javanese [5] [6] and Malay golok have also been recorded. The use of golok in Malay was recorded as early as the Hikayat Hang Tuah [7] text dated [8] and Sejarah Melayu[9]. The golok style is noted for being the pattern for British Army -issue machetes used since the early s.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about a type of cutting tool. For Abode of Krishna, see Goloka. Type of Machete. Indonesia portal Malaysia portal. Traditional Weapons of the Indonesian Archipelago.

Koninklyk Instituut Voor Taal Land. Pustaka Zaman. Retrieved 11 December Wonderful Indonesia. Archived from the original on March 18, Retrieved March 18, University of California Press. Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. Samad Ahmad Sulalatus Salatin Sejarah Melayu.


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